Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Black Friday Sale!!!!

On Friday (only) you can download CRUSHED for .99 with coupon code at Smashwords.

Here is the link:

Coupon code is:  NY37A

Crushed (The Witch-Game Books)
 The Noah sisters rule Titan High with their beauty, brains, and magical powers. 

Each year they play a secret game: Crushed. The girls pick their targets carefully and blow enchanted dust into the boy’s faces, charming them, but this year Kristen makes a grave mistake. She chooses the wrong boy and almost dies that same day. Coincidence? Maybe.

But something isn’t quite right about Zach Bevian. He doesn’t behave like a boy who’s been Crushed. He goes from hot to cold, from looking at her with contempt to asking her out on a date. She doesn’t know what to think. Does he hate her or is he truly falling for her? Is he trying to kill her, or is he trying to save her? 

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