Monday, May 7, 2012

Dream Cast for Witch Hunt

Since the post I did on Dream Cast for Vampires Rule worked out so well, I decided to do it for Witch Hunt.  People are still looking at the Vampires Rule Dream Cast.  It has more hits than almost any other post I've written.  So here it goes...

Alicia Silverstone would be Starr Hughes

Garret Hedlund (back when he was on Four Brothers) would be Dylan Winchester

Nathan Parsons from General Hospital would be Ryder Hawke

Liv Tyler would definitely be Starr's best friend Lily

As for Bex, the girl I am picturing doesn't exist (at least not that I know of) so I can't show a picture of her.  The actors above couldn't play the parts of the teens in Witch Hunt now because they are too old, but my Dream Cast would have been all of them at the right ages.  Hope you enjoyed checking this post out.  I know I enjoyed making it.  :)

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