Sunday, January 22, 2012

Just Released: PANDORA'S BOX

I used to write for Harlequin and still have a few books that didn't get published with them, so I am now releasing them one at a time.  The first up is Pandora's Box.

Madison Grey has to clear her father's name.  All her life he taught her to put her country before anything else.  It's because of him that she became a Secret Service Agent.  Protecting the president has been her duty and pleasure.  But now her father is accused of trying to assassinate the president, and the people she works with are slowly turning against her... everyone except for Navy SEAL Tyler Law, the president's son.  He also thinks her father was set up.  Their only clue is her father's dying words: Pandora's Box.  These two words will take them on a twisted journey to uncover some secrets that should have remained buried.  Through it all Madison finds that she can depend on Tyler and her ex, DeMarco, but this is no time to sort out her love life.

This book will only be available at Amazon as an ebook.  Here is the link:

If you know anyone who enjoys romantic suspense, send them my way.  Thanks!


T. R. Graves said...

This is great!

K. C. Blake said...

Thank you. This is a leftover from my days at Harlequin. I left them before publishing it.