Sunday, January 8, 2012

Best Writing Advice

I bought a book on writing last year that came with some interesting cards for writers.  Each one has advice on it, usually just a line or two.  Some are funny and others are serious.  Once in a while I reach into the deck, pull a card out at random and read it.  Today I was checking my sales on Amazon and trying to figure out why they are going down instead of up and something popped into my head.  This isn't a line off of those cards, but I'm sure I heard it somewhere before.

Just keep your head down and write.

Amazing advice.  I wish I knew where I saw that or heard it before.  I'd like to give credit to whoever said it first.  They tell soldiers on the front line to keep their heads down.  That's what it's like sometimes out there in the literary world, bad reviews flying at you like arrows, and people getting in the way like obstacles while you are trying to market your books.  Sometimes I feel like I am walking in a mine field and don't know which way to go or what to do.

Just keep your head down and write.

From now on I am going to recite that line in my head every day at least once.  I am going to follow the advice too.  Instead of worrying about how many books I am selling and how many people have not even heard of my books, I am going to focus on the writing and keep my head down.  Now if you have any great advice about writing that you heard or even made up yourself, put it in the comment section and share it with the class.  Thanks and happy writing!

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