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Sit back and watch reporter Rebecca Moore interview notorious Jersey Clifford of the Rule Series.  The two of them sit across from each other in comfortable chairs with a small, round coffee table between them.  She is well-dressed in a dark gray power suit with maincured nails and perfect make-up.  He is wearing his usual attire, a solid black ensemble with red sneakers.  Neither of them speak or even look at the other before the show begins.  She goes over her notes and sips water while someone fixes her hair, giving it a last spritz of hairspray, while he stares into the distance, wondering if Rebecca will live to do another interview.  If she makes him angry, she might not.

Someone yells: Five seconds, people!

The extra people on set dash to get out of the way of the cameras.  A man with a headset counts down for them with his fingers, mouthing the words.  "5... 4... 3... 2... Go."  He points at Rebecca.

Rebecca pastes on a phony smile for the audience watching at home. 

R:  We are here today with a man who claims to be the first werewolf ever created.  Please welcome Jersey Clifford to the show.  (She pauses for the sound effects guy to play a track of clapping).  Mr. Clifford, tell us why we should believe your claims?  How does one become the first werewolf ever created?

J:  It was simple enough.  I fell in love with the wrong woman... uh, faerie.

R:  And I'm sure you did nothing to provoke her.  Do you have any powers?

J:  I have invisible claws that can rip a person to shreds.

R:  Oooh, scary. (She fakes a shiver)  Can you turn into a wolf like that sexy boy in the Twilight movies?

J:  (with a smirk)  After more than two thousand years in this world I have learned to control myself.  Other werewolves turn into wolves during full moon phases and they kill anyone who gets in their way, but I am not subject to that power anymore.  Although I admit there are times when I get angry and a bloodthirsty wolf tries to come out, but I don't need that to kill.  If someone, say you for example, needs to be killed, I can do the job with my bare hands.  I have the strength of a hundred men.

R:  How nice for you.  (looks to producer for help and is motioned to keep going)  What about this prophecy?  Is it true that you and sventeen-year-old Jack Creed are destined to fight to the death?

J:  His death, yes, not mine.  Because Jack is a good friend I will hold off for as long as possible, but someday I will meet him on the battlefield and kill him.  It's our destiny.

R:  He's a friend?  And you're going to kill him?  How does that work?

J:  Something in me was drawn to something in him the day we met.  Maybe it's because I smelled vampire on him.  Maybe it's the love of literature that we share.  It could be as simple as me knowing him in a past life.  You could say I love him like a brother.

R:  Tell me about Jack.  What is he like?  More importantly, what do you like about him?

J:  I love his keen mind, how he's eager to learn.  Working in the public school system as I do, I've seen children spending more time on their love life, hobbies, and cell phones than on their education.  Jack loves to read.  Also, he sees things in a way that no one else does.  That alone makes him worth fifty of any other kid in my classes.  Also, he has great confidence.  The boy knows that I am stronger, smarter, and more powerful than he is, and yet he believes he can destroy me in the end.  You have to admire his spunk if nothing else.

R:  And what do you hate about him?

J:  I loathe the way he turns to the wrong people for help, and how he refuses to believe in destiny, and how he hangs around with that Silver and her useless parents.  It's a sin to be that intelligent and that dumb at the same time.  In my opinion, he deserves to die for that alone.

R:  On a lighter note, when did you discover your love of reading?

J:  I had to do something to keep busy.  I've been around for more than two thousand years.  A person can only watch soap operas for so long.

R:  What is your favorite book?

J:  I love poetry and frequently quote verses when the opportunity arises.

R:  Do you have any friends other than Jack?  Are you close to anyone?  Is there anyone out there that you show the real Jersey Clifford to?

J:  Pagan.  She was my assistant, but they killed her when they released the wraiths.  (Jersey begins to pull the mic off, interview over)

R:  One moment please.  Tell us what your plans are.  What does the first werewolf ever created want?

J:  I want world dominion, of course.  I am building an army as we speak.  No one will be able to stop me, no mortal, and no former vampire. 

R:  B-b-but the legend says Jack Creed will stop you.

J:  No, it does not.  That stupid diary they've been hanging onto was written by the faerie I told you about, the one who cursed me, and she couldn't see the future as well as they all hope.  She only saw what she wanted to see.

R:  But you must have a weakness.  Everyone does.

J:  If I did, I wouldn't tell you about it.  (smug smile)  I don't have one.  Not anymore.  Ask Jack.  He's tried to find one, a small hole in my armor.  I think he's given up now. 

R:  Isn't there anything we can do?  (she is literally on the edge of her seat).

J:  Yes.  You can pray that Jack is smarter and stronger than he actually is.  Good day.

Rebecca is stunned speechless.  The cameras shut off.  That is one show that will never air.  Rebecca swallows hard.  She will go home tonight and follow Jersey Clifford's advice.  She will pray for a former vampire named Jack Creed.
End of interview.

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