Thursday, September 22, 2011


This week, as part of the carnival ride, we are introducing you to Indie Writers you might not otherwise hear about.  We were supposed to pick our favorite one, so I picked T. R. Knight, and I chose to ask her a few questions.  She is the author of WARRIORS OF THE CROSS.  Hope you enjoy the interview.

1.  When did you KNOW you wanted to be a writer?
I never had a life shattering realization where I just knew writing was what I wanted to do.  Instead, my passion gradually evolved from "I wonder if I could write a book" to "I can't live without writing."

2.  What writer has influenced you the most?
When my dad, a phenomenal storyteller, died, I realized with deep regret his talent would be lost forever.  One year later, I saw my daughter rapidly reading Twilight, City of Bones, etc.  With the completion of each book she became more excited.  I read the books myself in search of a way for us to communicate better.  The books gave us the opportunity to talk about a variety topics from characters to life-altering choices.  The simple act of reading brought us together.
A short time later, I decided to write a story for her in honor of my dad.  The moment I started writing I felt I was channeling him.  Suddenly the complicated and dramatic story flowed from me with very little effort.  Interestingly enough, I hadn't dreamed of him since his death, but once I began writing he visited my dreams often.  It was as if that was the one place he could collaborate with me... help me to see his vision of the story.

3.  Why go Indie and not publish the traditional way?
To be honest, I sent out less than a dozen queries to agent/publishers.  I was so disappointed when I saw them instantly by another person rather than the one I queried.  I found the interview process to be odd.  It was less of a talent search and more of a situation whereby they only wanted (by their own admission) established authors.  I'm not sure they understand that even famous writers were unknown at one time.
After meeting some of the great Indie authors out there, I'm more confident than ever that the people involved in traditional publishing are not the talent scouts they could be.

4.  What is the hardest thing about writing?
Time.  There never seems to be enough of it.  I work full-time at a job that requires me to commute 10-12 hours a week.  This means there is never enough time to write without giving up sleep.  Since I HAVE to write, I sleep less and less.

5.  Can you tell us a little about your book?
This is something I could talk about all day, so I'll try to be brief.  It's a paranormal romance and medical thriller all rolled into one.  Dr. Allison La Crosse has a God-given power to heal the dying with her touch.  When she uses her abilities, she takes on the dying person's symptoms which have the potential to kill her.  Selfless, she refuses to stand by and let them die no matter what the ramifications.  Fortunately, she has Brody Kennedy and Clark Ardent making sure she doesn't make the ultimate sacrifice.  Throughout the series she introduces us to powers which extend well beyond her ability to save people.

Thank you, T. R. Knight for the interview.  I learned a little more about you and your work and can't wait to read the book.  If you'd like to meet other Indie Writers, you can click the links below and visit some other sites.  Please do. 

Also, new release from Laura Elliott.  13 On Halloween.  Here is the link to the trailer:

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Patricia Lynne said...

Nice interview. I never bothered querying because by the time I got to the point I could, I had decided to go indie. The comment on the interview process makes me curious to hear more. I thought it was query the agent and cross your fingers he/she got back w/ you and wanted more.

T. R. Graves said...

Thanks for having me, K.C. Have a great weekend!