Thursday, September 1, 2011

Computer Crashed

I am currently using a friend's computer while mine is in the shop.  Everything was fine on Monday, business as usual.  I worked on one of my books, checked email, playing on Facebook.  Then I shut the computer down.  When I turned it on again a few hours later, I got a blank screen, and it said my desktop had disappeared.  I couldn't get into anything.  I panicked. 

At times like this you've got to trust in God.  I was near suicidal for about an hour, wondering what I was going to do if I'd lost everything.  Yes, I know you're supposed to copy everything to a backup drive, but I don't.  Most of my stuff has been saved, but not everything.  If I don't get my computer back, I've lost pictures of my cats when they were kittens, all my formatted books, not to mention programs that I will have to find and download again, programs that help me to do my job.  For instance, Gimp.  I have come to depend on this program for making my covers, and it wasn't easy to find the right Gimp to download.  The first time I tried, I got a virus. 

Anyway, keep my computer in your prayers.  Thank you!

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H. Scott Dalton said...

Ouch. I feel for you, K.C. I had a crash back in June that wiped out four chapters in my current WIP.

When I went to replace my hard drive, I also got an external drive that automatically backs up everything when I plug into it--not gonna let that happen again!

I hope you can recover everything!