Saturday, May 12, 2018

The Mother of all Sales

Hey there!

Sorry for my long absence. I was sick off and on for months. 

To celebrate Mother's Day I have knocked my box set down from 6.99 (which was already lower than buying all four books separately) to 3.99. So you are getting four books for about a dollar each. 

What is the Spirit Realm Series about?

Bay-Lee has spent her entire life on the run, hiding from monsters and living under numerous fake identities. Now things are changing. She has been invited to join her cold and distant father at his school, a training camp for hunters. She wants to make him proud, but first she has to survive. Someone or some 'thing' is killing students on their birthdays. Together with her new friends and a hostile hunter with amazing green eyes, she will have to solve this mystery fast. Her birthday is just around the corner.

Want an excerpt from Bait?

Alec pointed at her. “And what about this one? Are any of you willing to mentor Van Helsing’s daughter?”
Van cast a worried look at the crowd. His expression sent a dark cloud over her heart. Up until now it hadn’t occurred to her that someone might not want the responsibility of mentoring the founder’s sole child. They might be worried he would watch their every move, criticize how they were handling things, or even remove them from the school for poor mentoring.
She scanned the crowd, searching each and every face for a willing person.
Gazes lowered, refusing to meet hers. This was it. If no one stepped forward, she would be sent packing. Fingernails dug into the tender flesh of her palms. Shallow breaths refused to give her much needed oxygen, and she felt slightly dizzy. Passing out would not give them confidence in her ability to finish their training program.
Alec smirked, seemingly satisfied that she was on her way home.
Van opened his mouth, preparing to verbally intervene. Maybe he would offer to mentor her. After all, they had a deal, and she’d kept her end of the bargain. Now it was his turn. No matter what, she was not leaving this school until she could kill a pack of werewolves on her own.
Nick moved forward with a smooth walk bordering on a swagger. “I’ll stand for her.”
Uneasy chatter floated on the night air.
The blood drained from Alec’s face.
Van’s jaw tightened.
Nick Gallos, the dead rock star, the one who was supposed to stay away from her was offering to be her mentor. His mouth twisted as his wary gaze touched upon her face briefly. Palpable anger radiated off him in hot waves. The guy didn’t even like her, so why was he willing to help her?
Alec shook his head and threw down his cane. “You can’t mentor her! Impossible.”
Nick walked past her to stand next to the hunter who shared his last name. “I hold the rank of Warrior and can mentor whoever I want. That’s the rule. Only Van Helsing can remove me from the post and give it to someone else, if there’s someone else willing to do it.”
Alec turned desperate eyes in Van’s direction. In seconds the entire group was staring at the leader of their beloved school. Everyone quietly waited for him to weigh in on the situation. Part of her hoped Van would allow Nick to mentor her. Another part wanted him to put his foot down and mentor her himself.
Van locked gazes with Nick. “Are you certain you want to take the risk-responsibility?”
Nick shrugged. “I don’t have anything better to do these days. It’s been a while since I’ve mentored anyone, but I think I remember how... unless you don’t want me to do it for some reason.”
The last sentence sounded like a challenge.

This sale will end May 15, 2018

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