Friday, May 5, 2017

Interview with a Villain Month

This month I will be interviewing some villains for my blog. 

But first, let's talk about what makes a good villain. Do you like your bad guy with sarcastic wit and an evil gleam in his eye? Do you prefer a bad guy with a logical plan or one that is bat-sh*t crazy?

Here is a list of some of my truly favorite villains. (they are in no particular order).

1. Spike (from Buffy): He is sarcastic and fun, and his love for Drusilla drew me in. Since he had killed two slayers you know he's good at being bad. Then he went and fell in love with Buffy. Personally I like the old Spike better, the one who would kill at the drop of a hat. My favorite moment of his is when he killed the Chosen Child, the evil thing that Buffy had tried and failed to kill. Spike did it so fast that I kept expecting it to not be real. Way to go, Spike!

2. The Joker: Heath Ledger did such an amazing job making this guy hilariously insane. He even burns a pile of money cause he doesn't care about it. He just wants to have a good time fighting the bat-guy. LOL

3. Lex Luthor: I'm talking about the Lex from Smallville. It wasn't really his fault. He was meant to be the bad guy. With a father like Lionel Luther it was bound to happen. My favorite moment with Lex was when he told Clark Kent, "I am the villain of this story." Or something like that. I also loved how he found out Clark was an alien like three of four different times, and he always had a different reaction. Once he was stunned and angry that Clark didn't confide in him. One time he was happy and wanted to help Clark keep the secret. And so on and so on. Then something would happen and he wouldn't remember finding out. That set it up so he could find out again. LOVE it!

4. Voldemort: This villain from the Harry Potter books and movies is cool because he keeps trying to come back. No matter what happens to him, even death, he is still lurking about. And he is such a freaky thing.

5. Jersey Clifford: Okay, yes, this one is mine. I think he's good enough to make the list. He isn't totally evil. It isn't his fault that he was made into a werewolf and likes it. More than anything I love how he has an appreciation for good literature.

6. Darth Vader: He's not that great, but so many people mention him when talking about villains, so I guess I will too. I just don't think he was that well-rounded. He breathed heavy and choked people with his mind. End of story. 

7. Rumplestiltskin: From Once Upon A Time on television, this guy makes me very happy. He is pure evil at heart, but he has moments of good. True, most of the time he thinks he is doing good when he is really doing bad stuff. I love how he makes deals and always twists them to benefit himself. Even Hades was worried about him.

8. Hades: Which brings us to this guy. In Greek Mythology, he really isn't that impressive, but I've read stories where they make him more interesting. Someday my Dragon's Breath books will come out. Then you'll see how bad Hades can be.

I've run out of time. Maybe I'll add a few more later. Watch this blog for interviews with villains- COMING SOON!

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