Sunday, April 26, 2015

Vote For A Killer

Secrets and Lies

I just finished watching the newest episode of Secrets and Lies. It's driving me crazy, trying to figure out who the killer is, and so I am casting my vote now.  I'll also tell you why I suspect them.

My vote is going to the youngest daughter.  Why do I think the little girl killed the little boy across the street?

1. Did you see how Cornell (Juliette Lewis) was staring at her both at the fair and later at home? They try to make it look like Cornell is wanting to protect her or wanting to question her, but it's because she thinks the girl did the deed.

2. The girl has a major jealous streak. She tells her father that she's a daddy's girl and has to stay with him. Then she gets upset when he invites the neighbor to tag along. When he tells her he's going to wait with Jess while she goes for popcorn, she screams to bring him running. She's upset over something, and they make it look like it's something she saw on her phone, but she broke her phone cause she's jealous.

3. We know she overheard the fight her parents had over Jess the night of Tom's murder. Her mom threw her dad out, and he went drinking. Abby, afraid of losing her father, decides that if she gets rid of Tom, Jess will move away. I'm sure she was also jealous of the time her dad spent with Tom. He said the kid was like a son to him.

4. Abby is missing.  Everyone is frantic, worried the girl could be in danger, but she's the killer.  So, she's fine.

5. She was obviously alone that night. Dad was at a bar and then passed out on the couch. The mother was with her boyfriend, and we established a long time ago that the oldest daughter was not where she was supposed to be.

6. I thought all along that the boy wouldn't leave the house if an adult tried to lure him out, but he'd go with another kid.

7. She wanted him to drown cause she knew he couldn't swim, but when he tried to leave, she hit him with her dad's flashlight.

8. It would have been very easy for her to borrow her dad's flashlight.

9. She probably saw her dad coming from the house across the street after putting Tom to bed.  Maybe she was even watching through the window when he tucked the kid in and kissed him goodnight.

10. Almost forgot important evidence. They are looking at the blood splatter. Through that they can tell how tall a person is, and when the guy gives Cornell his conclusions on the blood splatter tests, she says, "It was her."  Jess and Christy are about the same height.  Abby is the only one noticeably shorter. It was her.

11. She also says something very telling, that she thought it would make Jess sad to be around places that remind her of her son. So, Abby thought by getting rid of Tom, she would make Jess want to move away.

Anyway, my money is on her. 

Abby had motive: to keep her family together.
She had means: her dad's flashlight.
And she had opportunity: She was at home alone.

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