Friday, April 24, 2015

Grey's Anatomy


After watching last night's episode--this will contain major spoilers if you'v'e somehow managed not to hear who they killed off, stop here--I have had enough.  No more.  I am not watching this show ever again.  Yes, killing off characters is sometimes a good thing to further the story, touch your audience, or make a meaningful point that keeps people thinking days later.  But killing off yet another great character in an ironic/sad way was just stupid.  I've had enough.

So, I am dedicating this to McDreamy (who will live on in reruns), and to all the other wonderful characters I loved and then lost thanks to this show.

They are in no particular order.

10.  George: I'll never forget how they tried to make us think George had gone off to join the military only to have Meredith figure out that the grotesque, swollen patient that got ran over by a bus is actually George.  This one didn't hit me that hard. I wasn't that invested in George, but I think this was the start of the kill-off-characters-for-a-shock-effect.

9.  Kyle Chandler: I loved this actor on Friday Night Lights and was happy to see him guest starring as a bomb expert on Grey's.  Unfortunately, he was blown to bits.  Thanks for that.

8.  Meredith's stepmom: I can't remember her name and didn't care that much about her character, but Meredith's father blamed her for the woman's death.  It was just another slap in the face to my favorite female character on the show.  It's a wonder Meredith isn't even more screwed up than she is.

7.  Meredith's real mom: When Ellis Grey died, I felt it was about time, but she couldn't leave without being hateful one more time to Meredith.  Love that Derek stood up for her.  He was such a wonderful character.

6.  Denny:  Played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan from my favorite show Supernatural (people die on this show all the time, but they get to come back), I loved Denny.  Izzy fell in love with and agreed to marry him.  Then she got ready for a banquet in the hospital and came down the elevator to show Denny her beautiful dress.  Of course, he was dead.  It was shocking, and this was the first death I really cared about.  This is when I should have stopped watching.

5.  Mark:  I was shocked when they killed off Mark following a plane crash.  He managed to survive a short time in the hospital.  I still miss him..

4.  Lexie: Meredith's sister also died in the plane crash.  I thought that was brutal enough without also taking out Mark.  Too much too fast, people.  And I really liked her.

3.  Avery's baby:  When April and Jackson lost their baby, that was also a box-of-tissues moment.  Hated to see that happen.  

2.  Derek:  This was the straw that broke the camel's back.  
Although the show is about people working, living, and dying in a hospital, it is also the story of Derek and Meredith.  We saw them meet, fall in love, go through hell to be together, and travel through a lot of storms.  Derek was shot, in a plane crash, and suffered through a lot of other terrible things, but he always lived.  To see him die from stupid mistakes and from an injury he ironically could have saved a person from was just too much.

1. FILL IN THE NEXT CHARACTER: This is an empty slot for the next incredible character they kill off.  I, however, will not be watching. 

Goodbye, Derek.

Goodbye, Grey's Anatomy

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