Monday, March 10, 2014

Best Shows on Television 2014

As a writer, I NEED to watch television for inspiration, entertainment, and relaxation.  My writer brain is always working, even when relaxing, and sometimes I think this show could be better if...

Here are the list of my favorites.  See if you agree, and add your own to the comment section.

1.  SUPERNATURAL:  Okay, this is by FAR the best show ever.  The characters are so well fleshed out that you know what they are going to say or do before it happens.  Supernatural fanatics know Dean is always going to want pie when he sends Sam into a store or diner.  We know what the word GANK means. We know that Dean acts tough, but longs for a normal life with the picket fence and kids. Although he'll never admit it.  We know Sam longs to go to college, get married, put down roots. We know what an angel in a trench coat looks like.  I am such a fan of the show that I can recite almost every line from every show.  Is it an obsession?  Is it a sickness?  :)  If it is, I don't want a cure.

2.  Once Upon A Time:  I hated this one at first. I mean, please, a cricket walking and talking. Give me a break.  But I gave it another chance and love it.  To me, the villains are far more interesting than the heroes.  Prince Charming and Snow White are often boring (in my opinion), but Rumplestiltskin?  The guy is kind of hot... with all that power.  Wow.  And speaking of hot, there is Hook.  On the female side you've got Regina, the evil witch from almost every fairy tale.  Seems she's had her hand in everything. Love it that she grows apples in her yard.

3.  Big Bang Theory:  When I need a good laugh, this is where I go.  Sheldon is probably the funniest character I've ever seen.  Lucky him that he doesn't live with me.  I might have to kill him. lol

4.  Revolution: An interesting premise here.  The electricity goes out and doesn't come back on.  Okay, I would not be able to handle this.  One hour without my laptop, television, and stereo is enough to make me nuts.  One of the creators of this show is Eric Kripke, creator of Supernatural, so you know I'm going to love it.  It's not as good as watching Sam and Dean, but it is definitely worth watching.

5.  Resurrection:  To round out my top five is a new show.  Just saw it last night and wow.  That's all I can think of to say.  If you haven't seen it, you are missing something epic. While watching, I kept wondering if this is a science fiction show,  drama, or something creepier.  During the first episode, a little boy comes home to his parents thirty-two years after his death.

What do you think of my top shows?

What are yours?

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randi lee said...

Totally agree with you on Big Bang Theory!