Sunday, September 1, 2013

Agony of the Writing Process!!!!

Whoever thinks writing is not hard has never written anything longer than a Tweet.

I just got done slamming my fingers against the keyboard several times in a meltdown because I am trying to fix this damn book and the computer won't cooperate.  Nothing can make me lose my cool faster than problems while writing.  Well, maybe being stuck behind a bad driver.  This sucks!!!  Someday someone will invent a computer that will work without me having to beat the crap out of it... I hope..

HUNTER is currently in the revision stage, and I have been having all sorts of problems.  Why can't things just go smoothly this once?  And wait until I have to format this baby.  That's when I get ready to pull out my hair in chunks. 

While working on Hunter, I am reminded of how much writing is like having a baby.

1.  It takes a LONG time: You have to wait nine months for a baby, but sometimes books can take years to finish.

2.  It is PAINFUL:  The process is extremely painful.  I've gone through days when I think it is trash and just want to throw it away and start over, especially when my damn computer does not want to work right.  (I am getting ready to slam down on the stupid keys again!!!)  This is a brand new computer, but the freaking keys are getting stuck!!!!!

3.  Not everyone will love your baby like you do: This is difficult to deal with, people saying nasty things about your beautiful baby.  You just want to smack them.

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