Friday, July 26, 2013

Name a Villain Contest, part 2

Those of you who've been with me from the beginning might remember the first contest.  I needed to name a villain.  After getting several entries I chose the name Isobel.  What did the winner get?  They got to read about the character they named in a published book and got bragging rights.  It worked so well the first time that I have decided to do it again.

While working on Hunter (Order of the Spirit Realm book 2) I have come up against a brick wall in the name department. 

She is a banshee with waves of flaming red hair, flawless skin, sparkling green eyes (because in my books banshees are notorious for their beauty.  Banshees are in love with death so they follow the reaper who reaped them instead of moving on to a better place.  They stalk him, weeping and wailing as he collects the dead.  But reapers are not allowed to look at their banshees.  The banshees hide in the shadows or disappear when the reaper looks their way. 

So, in this book the banshee has come to this world to talk to her reaper when he wakes up.  He doesn't up his eyes because he's curious and he asks her some questions about herself, mainly what is her name.  She won't tell him, suspicious, until he says he just wants to know what to call her.  So I am not looking for her name when he was alive, but the name she prefers to go by now.

Any suggestions?

If I like the name you suggest, I will use it and credit you in the dedication at the front of the book.

You can list as many names as you want.  Just remember I am not looking for a real name. This banshee is jealous, conniving, and suspicious.  Does she give him an ironic name to call her?  A name that means something to him (as a reaper)?  What?


Anonymous said...

So, I'll start with the obvious: Fyre. But it's good to have choices so here are a few more: Flame. Scarlet. Ruby.

K. C. Blake said...

Thank you. Those are interesting choices.

Brittany Willis said...

You can play on her love for death and the unwritten rule that he can't know what she looks like. For example; desyre/desire. Maybe? It plays on how he can't see her and her jealousy of him. :)