Friday, January 11, 2013

YA Indie Carnival 2013

It is a new year and a new format for the YA INDIE AUTHOR CLUB.  We'll be rotating our weekly posts in order to spice it up for our members/followers.  With our new set-up, we'll alternate biweekly between our INDIE AUTHOR SERIES and INDIE AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT.

With the biweekly INDIE AUTHOR SERIES, we'll continue our current mission where we write topics geared toward helping other indie authors.  In the spirit of paying it forward, we'll make a special effort to share/promote people, sites, software, etc. that make our jobs a little easier.  Whenever possible, we'll provide a coupon or referral code for discounted services from the people we depend on to help us with our writing, editing, book covers, marketing, etc.

With the INDIE AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT, we'll be interviewing a new indie author every other week.  You'll want to visit the YA Indie Club sponsor's sites in order to participate in any potential giveaways.

You can visit the above YA Indie Author Club highlighted in purple to check out this year's topics.  Next week we will start things off with a SPOTLIGHT on Indie Author LAURA A. H. ELLIOTT.

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