Friday, June 22, 2012

YA Indie Carnival: Nastiest Characters in YA

This week at the Indie Carnival we are writing about the nastiest characters we've created and the meanest, natstiest characters in YA.  I am taking this to mean the best villain I've ever written about.  Mine would have to be Jersey Clifford of the Rule Series.  Vampires Rule had more than one villain.  There was the evil werewolf that had killed Jack's parents and Pagan, Jersey's assistant, but Jersey himself was the greatest at being bad.

The second book Werewolves Rule adds a few more bad guys.  Since I don't want to spoil it for anyone who has the book but hasn't read it yet, I won't name names.  Jersey still seems to be the favorite villain even after book two, and I'm sure he'll remain number one in the third book (coming out this fall).

What makes Jersey such a nasty piece of work?  Well, there's no one worse than someone evil who sees themselves as the good guy.  He's convinced that he needs to save the world by enslaving humanity, killing some and turning a lucky few.

Personally I love Jersey.  He is smart, witty, and attractive.  One reviewer said, "He is a gentleman.  He will quote Robert Frost and then rip your heart out."  What's not to love about that?

The nastiest character in YA that I didn't write would have to be Voldemort.  He doesn't have a single redeeming quality about him.  He used Jenny Weasley to unlock part of him in the diary and planned to kill her so that he could be whole again.  There are other bad guys out there, but he has my vote.

Check out these other carnis to see what they have to say about the nastiest characters they've ever written.

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11.Fisher Amelie, author of The Understorey12.M. Leighton, Blood Like Poison Series, Madly, The Reaping
13.Cidney Swanson, author of Rippler14.Gwenn Wright, author of Filter
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LM Preston said...

Oh this Jersey does sound like a nasty villain, I'd want to get to know.

Patti Larsen said...

I love villains, and Lord V is on the top of the list! But your sound horribly nasty... mwahahaha!

Suzy Turner said...

I love that quote: "He is a gentleman. He will quote Robert Frost and then rip your heart out."
It says a lot about your writing!
But I'm totally with you about Lord V... he was the nastiest, baddest, horriblest (!) bad guy... ever!