Thursday, June 7, 2012

Round Robin at the Carnival

This week at the Carnival we have something exciting for you.  We took the first paragraph from one of our books and let other Carnis add to them.  So I am going to post the story I got back from the Carnis.  Then I will put the story, how it actually appears if you read it, down below that.  Be sure to check out what the others have done.  I think it's going to be a hoot. 

And if you would be interested in having a Round Robin on here, leaving your additions to one of my stories in the comment section, let me know.  We'll arrange something.

Vampires Rule (Round Robin Style)

The vampire stood in the shadows and stared up at the farmhouse he used to call home.  No longer the bright sunny yellow his mom had chosen, the exterior had been covered by a muted olive tone.  The small difference knocked Jack off balance.  For a fraction of a second he thought he might be at the wrong address.  Had his brother sold the farm?  His gaze skimmed over the dark windows, two on the bottom floor and four on the top, searching for signs of life.  The porch light glowed with an eerie, almost palpable presence that warned Jack to stay hidden, but he had to know if his brother was gone.  Focused on the task, he walked into the light and crept up the porch steps.  He slowly crossed to the huge bay window.  He leaned in to peer through the dirty glass.

It was Isabelle that his gaze found first.  Her memory had been his constant companion since the curse took him from this world.  But he'd fulfilled his vow.  He had returned.  It was always Isabelle.  It would always be Isabelle.  She put aside her needlework and sank back into her chair.  Sick or exhausted, he did not know.  He only knew one thing for certain-- he needed her.  In his arms.  This need had consumed him.  Just as the vampire backed away from the window, just as the thrill of claiming her chilled his veins, his brother sat beside his one true love and gave her a kiss.

Jack's rage warred with the churning black of betrayal, surging emotions firing his vampire blood.  He felt Margaretta reach for him, his creator's fury lashing against his already tortured mind, but not even her power could break through the control just the sight of the two lovers together had over him.

Jack!  Margaretta's magic slammed against the wall of pain and the growing need to kill rising inside of him.  You must return.  Now!  Her tone softened only a little as she struggled to regain control over him.  I warned you, my newest child-- once you cross over to us, you can never cross back. 

Murderous, Jack would have followed through with his plan to take Isabelle back with him.  He would have callously ignored his little brother, Rand, and his backstabbing feelings, but he'd seen the way Isabelle kissed Rand.  Jack still remembered how it felt when she put her whole heart into a kiss, and the one she'd just giving Rand told Jack she loved him.  Her feelings were not those that he could betray, never again.

Knowing she loved Rand now presented Jack with an obstacle he would have to overcome.  He was immortal and up to the challenge.  What he didn't expect was the way his knees buckled when Rand tenderly stroked her stomach, the telling bulge beneath her dress.  The two of them giggled as if they shared a precious secret.

Before Jack knew what he'd done--unable to control his anger--he'd thrust a fist through the glass pane, pulled the window from it's hinges, and bound into the glass-strewn room with ease as if he'd only just demolished a playhouse.

This was the story that I got back, and I had to type it in by hand because copy and paste didn't work.  I will try to return in a day or two to put up the original story.  Or you can go to Vampires Rule (the page) above and read it.  This was very interesting to me because my vampire's name is Jack, he does have a younger brother, and there is an Isobel in the second book.  Other than that, this is totally different than what I wrote.  Check out the other carnis and see what they put up.


Heather said...

Ok. Those similarities are just a little creepy :)

K. C. Blake said...

Yeah it is! :)