Thursday, December 29, 2011

YA INDIE CARNIVAL: Indie Resolutions

This week at the Carnival we are sharing our Indie Resolutions.  What did we learn this year?  What worked and what didn't?  We will be sharing our thoughts, dreams, and wishes for the new year.  Feel free to share yours with us. 

My Indie Resolutions:

1.  Take Reviews with a Grain of Salt:  This year I published my first three books as an Indie Writer.  Most of my reviews have been good, but there were a couple that had me thinking I should find a new career path.  Other people (writers, friends, and family) told me to ignore them, that some people just want to be mean because they are annonymous and know I can't do anything about it.  Still, it hurts when someone rips apart something that you worked so hard on and put your whole heart into.  If you aren't a writer, think about it this way.  How would you feel if a stranger came up to you and told you that your kids were ugly and shouldn't be in public?  Because that's how I feel when someone slams my characters, plot, etc.  I do want readers to be honest.  If they don't like the book, they don't like it.  I'm just talking about the ones who are mean and nasty about it and you can tell they are just trying to be funny or show how smart they are.

2.  Market without Spamming:  Before I got published I'd never heard about spamming in groups on places like Goodreads, but since then I have been accused of doing it.  Some places don't want you to mention your book at all.  So I vow to find other ways of letting people know that my books exist.

3.  Spend More Time Writing:  My computer crashed a few months ago and I sort of used that as an excuse to procrastinate.  I've been working on finishing up the same book for five months now.  That is a long time for me.  Usually I work on writing at least a few hours each day and all day long when I don't work.  So I promise myself that I will work harder and spend more time with my butt in the chair and my hands on the keyboard.

4.  Daydream:  I got so caught up in the mess that is sometimes my life that I haven't been daydreaming enough.  This is a resolution I know I can keep.  In fact I've already started.  I love to daydream and let my characters live instead of trying to figure out what they should do.  I love to give them room to move.

5.  To Write Entertaining Books:  Most of all I want to write the best books that I can.  I want to touch peoples' hearts, to make them laugh and cry.  Then my job is done.

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Anonymous said...

Ahhh...daydreaming! I think we could all do more of that! Thanks for the reminder :o) Great resolutions all. Looking forward to a great year of writing. Happy New Year!

Patti Larsen said...

All fantastic resolutions--especially about critics! Every time I get a questionable review, I think of Twilight haters and how much SM has made... puts it all in perspective!!

Best of luck, so happy to ride the carnival with you! Happy New Year!

Amy Jones said...

K. C. - 1 - Mean people suck! Everyone recognizes the difference between a true, objective review and plain pettiness. Don't take it to heart. You've got some great reviews and they'll keep coming! 2 - We're indie writers! We don't have anyone to market our books for us. Don't feel guilty for trying to promote your books. The readers who love them will thank you for it. As far as the nay sayers are concerned, just move on and don't give them a second thought!
I hope 2012 is a great reading and writing year for you and look forward sharing it with you! :)