Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!!!

 In this season of pushing people, trying to get everything on your list, going crazy because there isn't enough time, etc. please remember the reason for the season.  "God so loved the world that He gave his only begotten son."

I was thinking about my favorite Christmas memory last night.  It's funny because I don't remember all the junk I got over the years.  I don't even remember what I got last Christmas.  My favorite Christmas memory was the Christmas when I was fifteen.  We had no money.  My parents warned me not to expect much.  I was secretly afraid I wouldn't get anything.  Then one day we found out that a friend had signed us up for a church group to help.  They brought us food for Christmas dinner, candy, and I got a little jewelry box.  You know, one of those that has the turning ballerina inside.  It was way too young a gift for me, but I treasured it because it meant that someone out there cared enough to make sure that I got a present.  I also got a Monopoly game, a pack of gum, and some hand lotion that year.  It's funny that I look back at that hard time with such joy and wish more Christmas Days could be like it.

Now I do enjoy watching a little kid's face light up when they open a present and discover that special something, but I think every kid should have at least one Christmas like the one when I was fifteen.  It makes them appreciate what they have more.

Merry Christmas!!!

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