Thursday, October 6, 2011

YA INDIE CARNIVAL- Favorite Character to Write For

This week we are writing posts on our favorite characters to write for.  At least this is my understanding on what we're supposed to be doing.  Below, as always, I will list the other writers/bloggers so you can check out their posts as well.

My favorite character to write for would have to be Jersey Clifford in the Rule series, probably because I've been living with him for so long.  I actually created Jersey for a different book over twenty years ago.  It didn't work out, so I put him on a shelf for a while.  Then when I began to write Vampires Rule I knew that I would need a strong, compelling bad guy.  Jersey seemed like the perfect fit. 

What do I love about him?

Well, he's deliciously insane for one thing.  Writing for a crazy person can be liberating.  They will say and do things that other characters can't or won't.  Jersey is fun too.  He wears solid black with a splash of color like red sneakers, a dark blue tie, etc.  He's been alive for about three thousand years, so he's had plenty of time to educate himself and broaden his mind.  His love for literature is what ties him to Jack and gives them common ground. 

Jersey often quotes poetry.  On reviewer of Vampires Rule said: Jersey is a gentleman, and he willl quote Robert Frost while ripping your face off. 

Unfortunately, Jersey had to leave town after the first book, but he still finds ways to annoy Jack in the second, and he will be back for a big chunk of the third book.

Favorite scene with Jersey:  When he gets angry while talking to his assistant, and a freaky wolf face imposes itself over his own until he calms down.

Favorite quote from Jersey:  After Jack says he's going to win the battle against Jersey, Jersey replies, "That's what I like to hear Jack.  Confidence.  Even if it is unfounded."

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From Darby:
Griffin Rising is a nominee for the 2011 Cybils Awards (YA fantasy).

From Laura,
In Portland, OR? Tonight 6:30-8:15 pm at the West Linn Library, West Linn, OR 97068 I'll be on tour with The Rain Boots Required Young Adult Authors talking about "The magic of magical realism" *knees knocking*!
Also at Wordstock Oct 8-9:)
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T. R. Graves said...

I'm learning from this exercise that crazy/mean people are the fun characters to write. Thanks for sharing.

Patti Larsen said...

I LOVE insane characters--so liberating! I have one even my editor left me cute notes about, how much she loved her.

Wickedsauce... mwahahaha!