Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I decided to copy this one over from the Reading Vacation blog.  You can find the whole review here:

The Noah sisters have this game they play. It’s called Crushed. They blow magical dust into a boy’s face and then that boy follows them around like a puppy doing their bidding and falling in love with them. Ha! I love this!

The girls have had great success with Crushed in the past, but something goes wrong this time around. When Kristen Crushes Zach, he doesn’t act like the other Crush boys. Instead, Zach can break Kristen’s commands and he alternates between falling for her and hating her. Whoa!

The Noah sisters are an interesting bunch. Kristen starts out being very obsessed with popularity, but she becomes less self-absorbed. Thank goodness. Brittany is moody and she dresses in goth style. And then there’s the peacekeeper, Cindy. I like that each girl has her own style and personality. These girls are certainly not one-dimensional.

Zach’s odd behavior had me baffled and I was surprised by what was causing all the drama. Oh, I did NOT see this one coming at all. I love when that happens.

Crushed is an entertaining and light story that I enjoyed. A cute premise and an intriguing plot make for a fantastic story.
Thank you, Melina.

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