Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Trying Something New

Okay, so I went to Createspace and uploaded my book.  You have to charge more than ten dollars to be available to bookstores and libraries, but I can buy copies cheap.  My friend and I have started brainstorming on where I can sell some books.  Now that they are going to be in print, I can buy a huge box of them and sell at whatefver price I choose (provided I make enough to pay for the books plus shipping). 

1.  Free copies:  I can donate a few, spread them around, and hope that other people take notice.

2. Taking Orders:  My friend suggested that I could have certain people take orders at work and at school as if they are selling band candy or magazines.  They can collect the money and I can order the books.

3.  Bookstores:  She also thinks I can go to a few smaller bookstores in the area and offer to bring in customers for a book signing.

4.  ???   This is where your idea can go.  What do you think?


Jettica said...

Set up a 'buy' page on your site. I know on.Wordpress you can use a plugin to set up a shop Blogger might be the same.

You can then use PayPal to let people pay securely by card.

Patricia Lynne said...

Facebook has a storefront app. You could also have bookmarks made and slip them into books or ask to put them out at a library.

Stephanie Fabulous said...

Hey, Kasi! This isn't a response to your blog, but I couldn't find another way to get a hold of you. I found your business card on top of the gumball machine array at the Joplin mall today. I've been obsessed recently with the story of Amanda Hocking (if you don't know of her, you should look her up) so, when I saw your card, I assumed you were probably doing the self-publishing thing and I looked up your blog and bought your book on Kindle. Best of luck to you! Your writing is fabulous. :)

(Also, two suggestions:
1. Put a "contact me" link on your blog somewhere
2. Set up a Facebook page so your fans can follow you and automatically be updated about any developments with your books or sites. :)

K. C. Blake said...

Stephanie-- Thank you. I am so glad to hear that leaving my business cards at the mall has worked. I was worried they would get thrown away. I do have a Facebook page for Vampires Rule but not for me personally. I will deff. add a contact page. Thanks again. Hope you enjoy the book.