Friday, June 17, 2011

Book Reviews for Vampires Rule

Okay.  Because there are so many reviews coming out at once, I decided to list them all in one post and delete the other posts.  At a couple of these sites you have to look under Book Reviews and find Vampires Rule, because it isn't on the first page.  So far I have not noticed any spike in sales at all.  Hopefully, enough people will see the reviews to help me out.

I am going to start a new contest either Sunday or Monday.  The first five people to Tweet about my book, supplying the link to Amazon, and also put it on Facebook, I will give them a coupon for a free digital copy of Vampires Rule.  So come back on Sunday/Monday to check it out.  :)

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Jenn said...

I do a linky at the bottom of most of my reviews. Since I did review this one there is a linky there. You could always use that to keep track of your reviews if you wanted to. Just a thought