Thursday, July 27, 2017

Release Day!!!

Available now: 4-Ever Hunted

Born with dark magic in his veins that is slowly killing him... Trick enjoys a reckless lifestyle.

He rides his motorcycle too fast, plays rock music while fighting vampires, and has a talent for making girls mad, especially Dani Foster. The girl-next-door has caught all of his most embarrassing moments. She wants nothing to do with him. So he watches out for her from a distance, protects her from monsters she doesn't know exist.

Two strangers offer a solution to his impending-death problem. He can beat fate by becoming what he hates most: a vampire. Trick is sure he'd rather die. Then Dani begins to look at him in a way that makes his heart race. She brings hope into his life.

Can he do it? Can he become the thing he fears for the promise of love?

If you have KU, you can download it for free.

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The last person he should be kissing was about to be in his arms. They might have already gone too far. If he couldn’t pull back and convince himself that he felt nothing for her, he’d have to pick someone else to pin his psychological well-being on.
Her hand slid up his chest and curved around his neck. She applied slight pressure to bring his face down a few inches to hers. Arguments against kissing her evaporated. All he could think about was what her mouth would feel like beneath his.
He lowered his face.
But he made a final decision to let her control the kiss.
His heartbeat quickened as his mind went on a crazy trip. What sort of kiss did she want to give him? How long would it last? Would she regret it afterward?
Her closed mouth pressed against his for several seconds, long enough for him to compare the kiss to ones already received.
Unlike the other girls he’d locked lips with, she took it slow. She didn’t seem to be in a hurry to reach some unknown destination that would leave him in the dust. Her lips, full and soft, opened after a moment, startling him.
The tip of her tongue briefly touched his in a shocking moment that left him rattled.
Then it was over.
Although he’d been kissed many times, possibly hundreds, this was the one he’d remember into his old age. It was twisted, forbidden yet needful, hard yet soft, sweet yet passionate.
She took a step back and stared into his eyes as if daring him to comment. A strange glint appeared in hers, shards of simmering anger.
Her hand slid down his bare chest to the talisman. She wrapped the chain around her fingers as her narrowed gaze dared him to stop her. A hard tug caught him off guard. The chain broke against the back of his neck. He’d worn it day and night since he’d been abandoned by his father, never taking it off.
And now it was gone, just like that, and so was she.
She went inside and closed the sliding terrace door. For a moment, they gazed at each other through the glass. She probably thought he was staring at her with a stunned expression like a deer caught in headlights. She probably thought he was upset over her taking his necklace… but he had other problems.

The second the chain had snapped, he remembered something better off forgotten.

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Author R. Mac Wheeler said...

Whoop, whoop. So cool. I'm happy for you.

(I've been known to ride too fast too, and kill a vampire or two.)