Friday, June 3, 2016

Life After the Finales...

Seems like most shows think they have to kill off important characters these days to make a great finale. Not sure how I feel about this. Let's take a look at some great finales... and some not so great ones.

If you haven't watched these and still plan to, don't read any further. SPOILERS AHEAD

1. The Walking Dead: This is one for the books. People sat on the edge of their seats for two hours and watched the finale, waiting to see who the show was about to kill off. It was no secret that newcomer Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Negan) was going to beat someone to death with his bat (Lucille). Rumors abounded, stating the death of a popular character was going to end the show's latest season. 

I was on Twitter that night, reading the reactions as Negan finally made an appearance in the last few minutes. Hearts were pounding. Some people were crying, scared for their favorites. 

Negan swung his bat at the camera. Yeah, that's right. He killed the cameraman. Lol. Now we have to wait until October to find out who Negan actually killed. 

The ending was clever, I suppose, but I think it was a big letdown after such a huge buildup. What did you think of the finale?

2. Mike and Molly: I think the wrap-up of this show in its final season was nicely done. They got their long-awaited baby. Then Molly started to hum the theme song. Mike joined in. It was nice.

3. Castle: The finale here was also their last episode ever after one of the main stars quit. So instead of leaving us hanging as they were going to do, they threw a two minute segment together to wrap things up. Otherwise, Castle and Beckett would have been left on the floor, gunshot victims, and we wouldn't know if they made it or not.

Some fans were happy with the results while others complained about the confusing and rushed results. 

Personally, I liked it. We got to see a snapshot of Castle and Beckett seven years later with their kids. I just wish they'd given us a minute or two more so we could really enjoy it, but I understand they didn't have much time once they heard the show was being cancelled.

4. Supernatural: As everyone that knows me knows, this is my favorite show. Unfortunately, I wasn't thrilled with the finale. But they can't hit it out of the park every time. For a while there they were simply going back and forth between putting Dean and Sam in mortal danger. Oh, this year is Sam's turn. Gee, I wonder how they will kill him (or almost kill him).

It started with Season 2 when Sam was killed and then revived. Season 3 Dean dies. Season 4 they both almost die. Season 5 Sam dies. Season 6 they both almost die. Season 7 Dean supposedly dies. Season 8 Sam is dying. Etc, etc, etc.

For a while things looked bleak on this finale, then Dean 'talked' the villain out of destroying the world. Boring. I was never so bored watching this show.

Now they did try to make it look like Sam got shot, but I'm not buying it.

The up-side is that Dean got his mother back. That's going to be interesting. Wonder how it will change the dynamics of the show. Personally, I would have rather had Bobby back.

5. Grey's Anatomy: Last year we ended with the death of Derek Shepherd and the birth of his baby. Meredith was a mess. This year it simply ended with a wedding. Boring.

6. Grimm: This was one of my favorites of this year. Nick lost the woman he loves and his son to his powerful nemesis, but I think the real villain is going to be this woman's daughter, the daughter she had with another man. 

This year, the show ended with Nick face to face with his nemesis after the daughter used her father as a puppet to kill a bad man. She is WAY too powerful, and I wonder when Nick is going to figure out that he's going to have to do something about her?

Once Upon a Time: I was a big disappointed in this show too this year. Usually, I love it. But Rumpelstiltskin is my favorite character, and he didn't get to do anything super cool this time around.

The show ended with Rumple gone from town, a new idiot, the death of a character that I didn't care too much for, and the return of someone I would have truly missed. Yep, Captain Hook is back.

The Family: I try not to watch new shows like this unless they are received well and I hear they are going to be renewed for another season. That's because I hate it when a show gets me interested in a mystery and then goes off the air before wrapping it up.

The Family was about a boy that got kidnapped and supposedly returns home after ten years. I knew the whole time it wasn't him. I also suspected the real boy was still alive out there somewhere. So during the finale when the boy calls home, I'm not surprised. And that's how they left it. 

Well, that's it, all the finales I can think of that were worth talking about. I probably missed a few. What were your favorites?

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