Thursday, September 3, 2015

Supernatural Counts

So, I've been doing a Supernatural marathon, watching from Seasons 1 through 10, and I've noticed some odd things. Now, I could be wrong. If I am and you know for a fact that I'm wrong, feel free to leave it in the comment along with proof like which episode the truth is on. Sometimes I am trying to do other stuff as the show is playing, and I miss important stuff. 

Jacks of All Trades:

For some reason, I thought Sam and Dean were using FBI badges from the start of season one. No. Unless I just totally missed it, the brothers do not play FBI agents until Season 2, the bank robbery episode with the laser eyes. Every time they flashed a badge before this moment, I was careful to pay attention. They were park rangers, US marshalls, writers for magazine/newspapers, Homeland Security, health inspectors, art dealers, doctor with the CDC, priests, and insurance claims workers.

If you think I'm wrong, go back and watch all of Season 1. They flash badges several times, but they are never FBI. The closest they come is when Sam has to use a bikini inspector badge that Dean had. 

Sam's hair is reasonable in Season 2 and the jargon he uses makes him an effective FBI agent. In fact, at one point Dean says, "It's scary how good of a Fed you are."

Answers to Fun Questions:

Have you ever wondered how many times Sam has been tied up, choked, or knocked out? Do you want to know how many people they've saved and how many things they've hunted?

You'll have to join us on Halloween at the Supernatural Party Event on Facebook. You can join it HERE.

Here are the stats so far/I'm on Season 3 right now.

People saved: 174 (this is because they saved a plane of people with over a hundred on board)

Things hunted: 60 (with things hunted I am only counting things they've actually killed, if it got away, I do not count it)

Dean saved Sam: 19
Sam saved Dean: 15

These two categories were interesting because Dean saved Sam again and again during the first half dozen episodes. Then, finally, Sam started saving Dean on occasion. 

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Author R. Mac Wheeler said...

I need to try this series...really...I know...I'm behind the curve

Kasi Blake said...

Yes! Everyone should watch this show. It is epic.