Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Top Ten Characters Who Are Writers

Who are my TOP TEN favorite characters who are writers?  These are from movies, TV, and (of course) books.  See what you think of my list and let me know if I overlooked your favorites.

These are in no particular order, just as they occur to me.

10.  Misery:  This book by Stephen King became a movie starring James Conn and Kathy Bates.  It was eerily good, and I could totally relate when she burned a manuscript he'd slaved over.  I would have killed her for that alone, before she started with the torture.  

9.  Wonder Boys: This movie starred Michael Douglas as a writer, and my favorite scene is when his manuscript pages are blowing all over the place and he can't catch them all.  Gives me nightmares just thinking about it.

8.  Mike & Molly:  I have to mention this TV show because Molly goes from teaching to writing a book.  She gets a huge advance before it is even finished (yeah, right) and even though it isn't doing very well, she gets signed on for another book.  Ridiculous.  But it makes me laugh and that is what the writers intend.

7.  Supernatural:  This is my FAVORITE show as anyone who knows me already understands.  I am Supernatural-obsessed, so I have to mention Chuck here.  He writes the Supernatural books without realizing Sam and Dean are real. My favorite scene with him is when he says, "Writing is hard."  I know a lot of people who would buy these books if they'd write them, but Titan Books has the 'rights' to Supernatural at this moment, and they are having their writers do new books. I've read a few and don't like them. Most of them have been unable to capture the characters' voices.  

6.  Romancing the Stone:  This is kind of an old movie with Kathleen Turner and Michael Douglas.  She plays a romance writer who goes to South America to save her sister.  Every time she finishes a book, she celebrates by drinking and giving her cat a can of tuna.  Lol.  And I love it when she gets recognized by a (either drug or gun, can't remember) runner in the middle of nowhere.

5.  Castle:  This TV show stars Nathan Fillion as the writer.  He uses his connection to the mayor to get a front row seat with the NYPD as they solve real-life mysteries.  Love the way his imagination works.  

4.  The Shining:  I love the original that stars Jack Nicholson as the writer who takes his family to a top of the line hotel where they get snowed in.  He slowly loses his mind.  Love the way he keeps writing the same line over and over as he descends into madness.

3.  The Secret Window:  Talk about insane writers, this is another Stephen King one and it stars Johnny Depp.  The thing I appreciate most about this character is how much he naps.  Lol.  Me too.

2.  The Following:  I have to mention this TV show because it has two writers.  Joe, the lunatic, has written a book that didn't sell very many copies, but the book written about him by an FBI agent, about the women he killed, is a best seller.  Personally, I think that pisses him off more than the fact the agent put him in prison.

1.   ???  I have a book coming out someday with a twisted writer who uses his magical ink to introduce disaster to certain lives.  Keep in touch and I'll let you know more about it later.

NOW, tell me about your favorite characters who are writers.

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