Friday, May 10, 2013

Indie or Self-Pubbed? What's the Diff?

Some people can be so irritating.  They raise their hackles if you aren't politically correct.  They will argue over which form of a word or punctuation mark is correct until they are blue in the face.  Now we have people arguing over what Indie means.

First of all, I thought Indie meant Independent just like the Indie directors out there making movies without Hollywood big-shots backing them up.  When I first decided to skip the publisher and do it on my own, I was told I was an Indie Author.  That was exciting to me.  A self-published author has such a negative ring to it because in the past some people have shelled out a ton of money, bought an enormous amount of books, and put them in their garage or a warehouse, unable to get rid of them to anyone other than close friends and family.  I had one woman hand me on when I was in college after we met because she had 'so many' she didn't know what to do with them.

Small publishers apparently are calling themselves 'independent publishers' now so maybe that is throwing everyone off.

I first discovered this little debate when I was searching for bloggers to read my first independently published book.  A few said they would be okay with reviewing for Indie authors but not self-published ones.  That took me aback.  What's the difference?  I thought Indie meant they'd published the books themselves.  Then someone told me I was self-pubbed and not an Indie. What????

Then why don't we call Independent Filmmakers self-filmed?

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