Monday, February 25, 2013

Dream Cast for BAIT (Order of the Spirit Realm Series)

Since Bait is going to be released soon, I wanted to put together my dream cast (if I can find the pictures). 

Supernatural  Here is Nick Gallos

Bay-Lee Bishop

 Michael Keebler


I could not find a photo for Keisha.  She would be a young Holly Robinson (like back when she was on 21 Jump Street).  Also could not find a good pic for Van Helsing.

 Alec Gallos

Of course most of these people are too old now to play the parts assigned to them, but I am picturing them younger.  This is, after all, a DREAM cast, not anything that will actually happen.  Hope you enjoyed this look at BAIT.


burningeden said...

This series is so great. I love when authors showcase their dream cast, too. But . . . Kelly Monaco is like ... 40 years old. Are you sure that's who Bay-Lee is? Because I pictured Bay-Lee and Avery like any of these:

However ... I so get that these are your creations and you know them better than me. :)

Also ... this is SO Keisha in my mind:

Kasi Blake said...

To be fair, they are all WAY older than the characters I have them listed for. Maybe I shouldn't call it a dream cast. If a movie was made, the producer would have to choose younger actors, but these are the people I pictured while writing the books (younger versions of them). I don't know that many actors well enough that I can picture their expressions and hear them speak while I am writing. Glad you love the books. I'm working on the outline for Legend and a spin-off of my vampire books. Hope you will continue to enjoy my work.