Monday, May 30, 2011

Distractions: A Writer's Worst Enemy

I should be writing now, but I am doing this instead.  It got me to thinking about distractions that keep a person from writing.  I was wondering: Is it just me?  As a writer, what distracts you from working on your current project?  If the answer is nothing, how do you manage to stay focused?

Here is a list of my demon distractions:

1.  My Blog: I have to mention this blog, of course, because I am on here all the time.  I need to check comments, make comments, write posts, and check my stats. 

2.  Goodreads and other sites:  As I've mentioned before, I love Goodreads. Needless to say, I spend a great deal of time on there and on other sites.  I have to promote my book, don't I?

3.  Games:  Another writer warned me not to download games to my computer, but I didn't listen.  So now every time I get stuck while writing, I go to a game and play it for a while.  Sometimes I don't even return to what I was working on.  Games are one of my biggest distractions.  They are so addictive.  I love the Diner Dash games and hidden object games.  lol

4.  Outside Distractions:  All of my problems cannot be found on the computer.  Some are external like my cats, people calling on the phone, people dropping by, etc. 

5.  A Messy House:  When I am focused on my writing, I don't even notice if the house is messy, but once in a while I look up and see it.  Then you have to do something about it.  That takes time away from writing.

I am currently rewriting Crushed and editing Werewolves Rule.  In fact, I should be doing one of them now, but I am posting instead.  So share your distractions with me.  What is your biggest issue?  What keeps you from writing?


lee said...

What distracts me from writing? Well, that's pretty simple: the internet. Facebook, my blog, AW (if only reading about writing counted), mah-jong solitaire, the list is endless. I get so much more done when I can't/don't get on the interwebz!

Stephanie said...

Yeah. Disconnecting yourself from the internet really helps. Of course, if you know how to turn it off then that means you know how to turn it back on....bargain with yourself. You have to write X amount of words (or edit X amount of pages) in order to write on your blog, check your email, or your blog stats, ect.

Jenn said...

What doesn't distract me from writing? I have the attention span of a gnat which is why I kind of gave up on it.

K. C. Blake said...

Good idea, Stephanie. I will try to bargain with myself if I will even listen to Me. lol

Glad to see I'm not the only one getting distracted.

Razib Ahmed said...

Distraction is a part of life and it is perhaps the worst enemy of a writer. When you are a freelance writer then you do not earn any money unless you work and distractions just make life very difficult.