Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Promoting an Ebook

I thought writing was hard--until I started to promote my book.  Wow.  This has been mind-boggling difficult, but I've learned a lot.  Promoting an ebook is very different than promoting a print book in a lot of ways.  For years I have studied how to market a regular book because that was where I was headed.  Now I have to totally rethink this whole thing.

I won't be having a book signing in a store or going on one of the local morning shows to talk about my book.  Instead, I'm trying to set up interviews on other blogs, guest posts, maybe even a blog tour.  Honestly, up until three days ago I didn't even know what a blog tour was.

Back when I got published with Harlequin Intrigue, I didn't bother to promote the book.  Harlequin is well known.  My book automatically went to several big name stores.  I got to concentrate on writing. 

This whole ebook thing has turned my life upside-down.  I haven't been able to write for weeks because I've been researching how to market my book, setting up this site, joining forums and answering questions for other people so I can develop a relationship with them.  I feel like I am going up to everyone in America a person at a time, tapping them on the shoulder and saying, "Hey, would you like to read my book?"

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Anonymous said...

Have you thought about signing up to as an author? That's where I find lots of new authors. :)

And good luck!