Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Marketing Your Book

Writing a book is kind of like childbirth.  It is painful and takes a long time to reach the light at the end of the tunnel.  You breathe life into these characters, take great care to name each of them, and then you have to trust someone else with them.  An agent or an editor, maybe both.  Getting rejection letters is of course part of the process, but to a writer it's like someone coming up to you and saying, "Your baby is ugly.

If you are lucky enough to find a publisher, know this.  Publishers spend most of their marketing resources on well-known writers.  You will have to market that book yourself for the most part.  It isn't easy.  Some people can't handle asking others to buy their book.  Get over it.  I hate it too, but it is a necessary evil.  You have no choice. 

I researched how to market my book before starting.  This blog is a big part of my marketing strategy.  I am also on Facebook, Twitter, Absolute Writer, etc. etc. etc.  I am compiling a list of email addresses so I can email a summary of my book and other information when it is published.  Hopefully my friends and family members will forward these important emails to their friends and so on and so on.  Word of mouth counts for a lot when it comes to selling a book.

So instead of writing, I am online day after day marketing my butt off.  I'm sure in the end it will pay off.  We'll see.  And that's what is on my mind today.  Happy writing.

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